Brokerage STEP 3: Financials

Brokerage STEP 3: Financials

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Forecasts, Formulas, & Funding

Session #3 is “Financials, Forecasts, Formulas, & Funding”. Maximizing your brokerage profit begins with financial intelligence, wouldn't you agree? Listen, is your company planning to expand, get funding, or bring on a partner? It’s time to learn about Financial Power Tools. Join us for Session #3 and discover how to "Show me the Money". Join our session “Financials: Forecasts, Formulas, & Funding” which includes a Chart of Accounts sample and Activity Workbook #3.

Topics cover:

  • Production, Revenue, or Profit — which one measures your bottom line?
  • Forecast sales & revenue like the Fortune 500 corporations
  • Bank Accounts — how many you should set up, and why
  • Bookkeeping, Accounting, & Tax Prep (oh my!) — the best tools & vendors recommended
  • Paying recurring bills —start the perfect payment system
  • Fixed vs. Variable expenses — Is it better to pay expenses monthly or annually?
  • Financial Statements — which of the 3 is the most critical for funding
  • Bank loan or capital investor — what’s the difference? Putting together the perfect proforma to get funding either way.
  • Top 3 books to read or listen and continue expanding your knowledge