Brokerage STEP 5: Agent Recruitment

Brokerage STEP 5: Agent Recruitment

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Recruit, Retain, & Calculate Profitability

Session 5 is "Agents: Recruit, Retain, & Calculate Profitability". Real estate agents are the backbone of the brokerage. Recruit the best & brightest agents, offer compensation, and calculate profitability. Train them to succeed. Keep the right agents loyal and producing.

Tune in to our most explosive session yet, All About AGENTS! I open my locked vault and spill my secret sauce for Brokerage Profitability with Agents. For 2 full hours it rains pure PROFITS with endless take-away tools. Here's what you will learn:

  • Recruiting – whom are you seeking? Find the right talent who align with your values.
  • Onboarding – why getting them acclimated to your culture is critical on Day 1 (FREE onboarding forms kit Bonus!)
  • Value Proposition – who would great agents join your company? What services should you offer?
  • Compensation – determine the best model for your brokerage and take a peek at my sample 2-dimensional sliding scale tiered model for flat transaction fees
  • Training & Education – invest in your agents and develop their strengths. Guide them to meet their production goals
  • Retention – lead with value and keep your talent in-house
  • Termination (FREE termination forms kit Bonus!)

...and so much more! Wow, just incredible.

Activity workbook for participants (again, free) include:

  • Identifying Our Culture - Is our culture attractive? How does it sync with our Vision, Mission, and Values?
  • Agent Product Service Mix – assemble your best offer and show the benefits (not features)
  • The “RIGHT” Fit - What are your must-have qualifications in a new agent to get the right alignment?
  • Recruiting Hot List to brainstorm 30 prospective agents on your recruiting list

Most importantly, we crunched the #s on producing vs. non-producing agents and found the right formula with my proprietary Excel® workbook, "Brokerage Agent Calcs" available only to attendees.