Create Your Custom eBook in a Day

Create Your Custom eBook in a Day

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Be a Published Author & Earn Money Sharing Your Message with Millions

This course shows aspiring authors how to achieve success with the 7 P’s: Purpose, Prepare, Produce, Polish, Publish, Promote, and of course there are Prizes included for you. We walk you every step of the way with slides, samples, demos, and hands-on activities. Even if you have never written a report, you can become a published author in just 1 Day by following our fun and simple system. This course will give you all the tools you need to write your ebook in only 1 day. We will show you every step, including how to prepare in advance, getting a great topic, publishing on kindle, and promoting to your audience. We also include some fabulous bonus materials that you can keep for future reference.

This course is perfect for someone who desires the credibility, recognition, and fame that comes from being an author. It is designed for aspiring authors who want to have a book credit to their name. Special techniques are geared to non-writers so anyone with a message can get their ebook published.

At the end of this course, students will be able to...

Author an ebook in only 1 day

Select a topic for their ebook

Determine their motivation for writing an ebook

Set up a 1-Day schedule on their calendar within 2 weeks

Plan ahead by gathering tools and resources

Use a digital voice recorder for writing without writing

Brainstorm using 3 different techniques

Stay motivated and inspired while creating their ebook

Use Microsoft® Word’s® powerful advanced commands to insert a table of contents, add comments, and track editing changes

Overcome obstacles such as writer’s block

Understand the value of a style sheet and create their own guide

Print a PDF ebook

Download a “cheat sheet” grammar guide to prevent misspelled words

Have a list of publishing resources at their disposal

Create a stunning, realistic 3D book cover

Design a “one sheet” card to promote their ebook in person

Publish their new ebook online in Kindle and Lulu

The course instructor is Regina P. Brown, and she narrates the promo video & the demo videos. The course is narrated by Suzan Lynn Lorraine, a talented voice-over and professionally trained actress.