Leadership Refresher

Leadership Refresher

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Challenges can arise at any time, and to be an effective leader, you need to be able to respond to those challenges with intelligence, strategy, and expertise. If you are having difficulty responding to unanticipated challenges, or are simply interested in improving your leadership skills, perhaps it is time to further develop your leadership skills and actions.

Refresh your leadership skills and hone your leadership actions so you can be a more successful leader in your workplace.  You will learn how to influence people, grow other leaders, lead a team, understand your values, and go to the next level in your leadership journey.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Apply the "Start with Why" concept to organization culture.
  • Articulate the values and attributes of leadership.
  • Develop strategies for becoming a multiplying leader.
  • Perform leadership communications in the workplace.
  • Appropriately give and receive feedback.
  • Perform active listening.
  • Apply the right leadership approaches for each stage of team development.
  • Describe the 6 Cs of teamwork.
  • Implement strategies to manage workplace conflict.
  • Describe strategies for overcoming the resistance to change.
  • Identify the 14 traits of great leaders.
  • Develop and implement a personal leadership development plan.

Applications and Best Practices:

  • Integrate in a course on leadership or management.
  • Academic leveling for learners who may not have adequate preparation for advanced studies.
  • Develop skill sets of working professionals.
  • Professional development for continuing education or refresher of skills.

Learner Hours:

  • 15 hours